Cervical Disc Hydrator Restores the Curve Despite Poor Posture Habits

The Posture Pump® Cervical Disc Hydrator® Model 1100=SX takes the best of its predecessor, the Model 1000, and adds even greater comfort and effectiveness. The new Comfort Visor™ better molds to the shape of the forehead, and doesn’t require chin or jaw contact or cause the neck to hyperextend. The unit’s single EED® (Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression) air cell decompresses and hydrates discs at MRI-proven** bulge resorption levels while shaping and restoring the proper neck curve for comfortable, corrective deep relief. The Posture Pump® Disc Hydrator® relieves painful neck stiffness, headaches and fatigue, decreases disc bulging, and improves flexibility and ranges of motion. Just as important, this device is portable, easy to operate, and made in the USA, so you can be confident it’s built to last. *Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED®) **Extra strength models operate at pressure levels proven by Neurosurgeon & Researcher, C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., to reduce disc bulges and subarachnoid indentations in two IRB Approved MRI Studies.

Posture Pro Posture Pump® Cervical Disc Hydrator M

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