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Hips, Glutes, Low Back

This page provides reminders to home care you may have been assigned by your doctor.

Chair Squats

chair squat step 1.jpg
chair squat step 2.jpg
chair squat step 3.jpg
chair squat step 4.jpg

Lower slowly to a chair or stable surface by pushing the hips back and keeping the chest upright. When standing, avoid leaning the chest forward focusing on the muscles in the legs and glutes instead. 

Image by Vincent van Zalinge
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Place one hand on each glute muscle for feedback. Clench both glutes, hold 10 seconds. Clench right glute, hold 10 seconds. Clench left glute, hold 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times. 


Glute Bridges

glute bridge scoop pelvis 2.jpg
glute bridge.jpg
glute bridge leg lifted.jpg

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Scoop pelvis by pushing low back into the floor and pulling abdominals in. Lift hips off the floor using only glutes. If you can successfully hold this position, try lifting one leg at a time. 

hip mobility (3).png

Seated Hip Mobility

hip mobility seated.jpg
hip mobility seated 2.jpg
hip mobility seated 3.jpg
hip mobility seated 4.jpg
hip mobility seated 5 (1).jpg

Without leaning or lifting your seat, pick up thigh and pivot out. Set foot down, then pick up and swivel leg back to center. Do 10 each leg.

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Home Care Tips For Low Back Pain

Dr. Kirsten Ferguson, DC discusses some ways to manage your low back pain at home including a few easy stretches and strengthening exercises.

Ease Low Back Pain With A Foam Roller

Dr. Kirsten Ferguson demonstrates how to use a foam roller for lower back pain.

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Tight hips... Dead butt!

Lower crossed syndrome plagues anyone who sits at work or school all day! It causes low back pain, hip pain, leg pain, and more. It can be hard to figure out. What do I stretch? What do I strengthen? In this video, Vitality Doc walks you through the answers.

Click above to go to Dr. Ferguson's YouTube Channel for more videos

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