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Iyengar Yoga


I'm a first-time yoga student.  As a woman over 50, I like the adaptability.  Dr. Ferguson was very diligent in helping me modify my poses to fit my abilities.  Within 2 classes, I was able to feel the difference! I really miss it when I'm unable to make it! 

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Dr. Ferguson currently teaches at
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I'm so glad to have been a part of Vitality Yoga!  Dr. Ferguson has helped me recognize how to improve my form.  I've seen great benefits in my flexibility, strength, and breathwork.  She really puts forth the effort to make sure each student is practicing to their abilities and offers modifications as needed as well, while still challenging us to improve.

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Vitality Yoga

A blended style incorporating Baptiste Vinyasa-style yoga and Gravity yoga. 


Baptiste power yoga emphasizes breath and proper alignment. It will burn calories, strengthen muscles, improve balance and flexibility, and clear your mind.  This is a fitness-based style of yoga that incorporates a series of poses done in a sequence.  


Gravity yoga, also known as The Science of Stretching, is targeted Flexibility Training. Do you have locked up hips? Tight hamstrings? Stiff lower back? Gravity Yoga is a targeted mobility training method that works to open up your body.  


It is suitable for all levels...beginners welcome!  Modification is encouraged to make this yoga appropriate for everyone and to limit injuries.

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what if I've never done yoga?


No problem.  No experience is required.  Follow along with other participants.  Your instructor will demonstrate and explain the poses.  There are many ways to modify poses to fit each person.

Who is teaching this class?


Dr. Kirsten Ferguson graduated with her RYT200 (registered yoga teacher 200 hours) certification in 2019.  Dr. Ferguson was first introduced to power yoga in 1998 after developing a shoulder injury which made it increasingly difficult to adjust patients.  Yoga helped her to return to practice full time and without further injury.  When the classes no longer were available through her gym she returned to her previous workouts of weight lifting and cardio.  However,  as the years of chiropractic practice added up, there began to be a physical toll on her body.  She tried a few different styles of yoga for a year but missed what she had gained physically through power yoga.  In 2015, she started to practice at 502 Power Yoga - a studio that focuses on Baptiste methodology of power yoga.  It was through this studio that she trained for her teacher certification.


Why do I recommend yoga to my patients?


Patients frequently inquire about the best exercise to prevent injury and reduce back pain.  Yoga focuses on alignment, core strength, flexibility, and balance.  Essentially, it incorporates all that I recommend into one package!

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