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Why choose Fern Creek Chiropractic Center?

Our difference is immediately noticeable as soon as you walk into our office.  There are many different ways that our office stands out when compared to other medical/health facilities.  It all starts with our friendly staff!

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It's a great day at Fern Creek Chiropractic Center!

Always a friendly voice on the phone and a friendly face when you come into our office.  Our staff and our patients are our family! Some health care facilities greet their patients with a sterile environment where patients are greeted behind a glass door..... not us! Our office is a relaxed family friendly atmosphere.  And its always "a great day at Fern Creek Chiropractic Center"!

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State of the art technology

manual adjustment

Technology has taken a quantum leap in the past few years.  It is important that we always have the most current, up to date technology assisting us in properly diagnosing the cause of the patient's complaint.  We incorporate manual and instrument-assisted adjusting, specialized tables, x-rays, and many other things that give our patients the best results.


Our doctors are trained in many techniques.  Every patient has different needs.  Not every patient will respond to one technique.  It is important that the doctors have options when it comes to tailoring your treatment protocol.

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instrument adjustment
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We are part of your community

We are visible and involved in the Fern Creek community.   We have lived and worked in Fern Creek since 1997.  Our 2 boys went to Bates Elementary, Ramsey Middle, and Fern Creek High School.  We've been baseball parents, martial arts parents, and wrestling parents. We have supported various charities and sports teams in the Fern Creek area as well.

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A thorough exam and on-site x-ray

Pelvic X-Ray

We take your health seriously.  All new patients will receive a thorough exam.  This allows the doctor to determine the best course of action for your specific problem.   The doctor will order any necessary x-rays to further identify your problem and also screen for any underlying problems that might require concurrent care with another physician.  For your convenience, x-rays are all taken, developed and read in-house. 

new patient x-ray room
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Because results matter!

Now let's talk about this for a moment.  It is VERY easy.... almost too easy to make the symptoms go away. Sometimes even an aspirin does the trick! But, patients who become educated about their condition understand in order to get rid of their symptoms they have to actually correct the problem as opposed to masking the symptoms. Some healthcare facilities treat their patients through medication and/or injections, but unfortunately, the relief that these methods offer is very short-lived and only offers a temporary fix. In many cases, masking the symptoms result in further damage.  Here at Fern Creek Chiropractic Center, we work to CORRECT the underlying problem as opposed to simply covering up the symptoms. 

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  • Insurances - in-network:  we file for your convenience, you pay your copay or the insurance allowable rates applied to your deductible for covered services.

    • Anthem​*, Humana*, Aetna

  • Insurances - out-of-network:  we do NOT accept these insurances

    • CignaUnited, CareSource, Medicaid (from any company), Passport

  • Medicare: we are providers who do not accept assignment​

    • this means...we will file for you,  you pay us at "non-assigned Medicare rates", and Medicare pays you if deemed medically necessary​ for those charges covered by Medicare

  • No insurance?​

    • We offer affordable rates for payment at the time of service​

  • Services not covered by your insurance?

    • We offer affordable rates for payment at the time of service​

    • Examples of non-covered services:

      • massage therapycold laserdecompression traction therapyorthoticssupplements and supplies, Kinesio tapingdry needling

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Our "do's" and "don't's"


  • We don't willy-nilly adjust anyone who just walks through our door and wants to be "cracked". (Your health and well-being are more important!)

  • We don't adjust patients without a proper exam and necessary X-rays. (To see is to know, not to see is to guess!)

  • We don't require you to sign any service contracts.



  • We do explain your condition thoroughly.

  • We do take necessary X-rays.

  • We do schedule new patients at special times so you get one-on-one, non-rushed time with the doctor. 

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Read what our patients say

More testimonials...


"I would go so far as to describe it as the best customer service in the medical field that I have ever experienced."


"I feel much better and can bend and stretch without the pain.  I also feel as if I can speak with the doctors and staff about anything.  It truly is a pleasure..."


"I am eternally grateful to the doctors (Ferguson and Hoffman) for helping my son when nothing else worked."

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