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Home Care

This page provides reminders to home care you may have been assigned by your doctor.

Ice Blocks


1. place ice pack in a pillow case

2. place this against the area for 15-20 minutes

3. wait 60 minutes before icing again

Spinal Warm Up Exercise

For best results, do these every morning, before bed, and whenever you have to sit for long periods of time.


"Something in motion stays in motion". Mobility helps correct our muscular imbalances, improves our posture, helps prevent injuries, allows us to move more efficiently, and gives us a better range of motion during our workouts and everyday movements.

cervical extension with pool noodle.jpg

Neck Extension w/

pool noodle

For best results, do this daily for up to 10 minutes.


To combat poor posture, "text" neck.


Lie on a bed or firm surface. Place a pool noodle at the base of the neck where you feel the bump. Let head extend over noodle and bed. To come out of this stretch, slide down on the surface, remove the noodle, and use your hand to support your head.

Click above to go to Dr. Ferguson's YouTube Channel for more videos

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